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Happy Pride!

What's up everybody, it's Jake T. with Minimal Audio, and we are back again with another blog! It's PRIDE MONTH and we want to celebrate! That's why we've compiled a list of some of our favorite LGBTQ artists into a...

Minimal Audio Team

Minimal Audio: 3 Years In

What's up everybody, it's is Jake T. with Minimal Audio, and we're coming at you with another blog! As you may have seen, we're celebrating our 3rd birthday! This milestone has given everyone here at Minimal Audio cause for celebration, but perhaps...

Minimal Audio Team

Minimal Audio Anniversary Sale

Whats up everybody! It's Jake T. coming at you once again with another blog. Every year when the weather gets warmer everyone at Minimal Audio gets a little nostalgic. That's because we released Rift Filter Lite around this time 3 years ago! Yep, it's...

Minimal Audio Team

Remember the Future? The Origins of Techno

Hey, what's up everybody this is Jake T. with Minimal Audio, and we're back at it again with another blog! Today we'll be discussing one of my favorite topics on the planet. Techno. Specifically, it's origins in the underground.  Late summer in...

Minimal Audio Team

All Together Now: A Deep Dive into Flex Chorus

Hey, what’s up everybody it’s Jake T. with Minimal Audio, and we are back with another blog! In case you missed it we just released our latest plugin Flex Chorus, and to celebrate I want to take a deep dive into one of my favorite effects! Beginnings Chorus...

Minimal Audio Team

International Women's Day: A Celebration of Women in Music

Happy International Women’s Day everybody! My name is Jake T. and we’re back with another blog for you. Today (every day really, but especially today) I want to celebrate some of our favorite voices in music. There are so many examples of women’s contributions to their field...

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