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Interview: Rohaan

Hey what's up everybody, it's Jake T. with Minimal Audio and our blog is back with another interview. This week we're talking to one of the most exciting new voices in drum and bass currently inhabiting the scene. Rohaan has proven himself a prolific producer with an array of releases...

Minimal Audio Team

Interview: Maor Levi

What's up everybody, it's Jake T. from Minimal Audio and we are back with another entry into our blog. This week I was given the immense honor of speaking with an icon in the dance music community. I got to sit down with none other than Maor Levi, one of...

Minimal Audio Team

On Fuse Compressor: A Conversation With Ben Wyss

What's up everybody, this is Jake T. with Minimal Audio! To celebrate the launch of Fuse Compressor, we're devoting a whole month to the wild world of compression! From tutorials to interviews, we'll unravel the mysteries behind one of dance music's most enigmatic effects. To kick this month off, we...

Minimal Audio Team

Gear Guide: Tips on Buying Your First Drum Machine

Hey everybody it’s Jake T. with Minimal Audio, and we’re coming through once again with another indelible entry into our blog. This time we’re going to do something a little different and take a stroll down one of my favorite avenues in music tech: drum machines! Are...

Minimal Audio Team

Sound Weaving: How to Make a Beat Entirely From Samples

Hey Everybody it’s Jake T. with Minimal Audio, and we’re coming through with another entry into our blog. This time in preparation for the hotly anticipated launch of Stream we’re going to take a look at how one can create a beat entirely from the Minimal Audio...

Minimal Audio Team

The Vision Part 1: The Stream

The Stream What's going on Hey everyone, Jake here from Minimal Audio. Today is an amazing day for our team because we've just released our new tool for downloading and organizing samples called Stream! Stream is an incredible new way to interact with our sample library and find the specific...

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